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Christmas Play

The Story of Christmas 
December 2017


The children, youth, and the praise and worship team performed the story of Christmas on December 16, 2017.  It was a beautiful presentation of the birth of our LORD.  


The children were especially precious as they memorized their lines, worked hard and practiced often.  


Brenda Robinson directed the performance and was responsible for the set and decorations. She will be the first to tell you about all the help she had; just to mention a few - Joe Lamb, Kellie Ivey, Ryan McGlothine and Sharon Mcglothine.


Heather Kitchens produced the play.  She got it rolling and showed her leadership abilities.  She also had much help:  Chris Kitchens, Debbie Lamb, Willie Robinson. 


Also, we want to thank everyone in the community who helped. 


The praise and worship team, lead by Jerry Bustos, with great support from Pete Byrd, Fran Byrd, Donald Elder, Anna Shows, James Shows and Joye Deadman.

   The Video below will allow you to see the play. 


To God be the glory and honor!   

Christmas Play

Christmas Play Video

Play Video

A Shepard's Story

Experiencing God
Know and Doing the Will of God

Congratulations to all those who completed the Experiencing God Spiritual Growth program.  What a beautiful experience.   

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